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The Way
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Top 10 Things I Learned in 2012

1. If you are the most important person in your life then everyone else in your life will suffer.

2. The difference between telling someone that you love them and showing them that you love them is the difference between night and day.

3. My wife is an amazing person and I really do love her. (You might ask why I just learned this in 2012 – see # 1 & # 2).

4  Jesus was serious in Luke 9:23. It is NOT easy and the “daily” part is not optional. Dying to self is hard, but necessary. Doing it EVERY DAY is harder and even more necessary. Pride is puffed up and hard to swallow – but nailing it to the cross deflates it and makes it more manageable to choke down.

5. I am NOT qualified to judge your sin. That is God’s job and I have no business infringing into His responsibilities. The same goes for you.

6. Words are just like guns and motor vehicles. They are not inherently bad but when misused they can seriously injure others or worse. There are no bad words, just ordinary words used in a negative context to offend. Choose your words wisely and always to edify and build up – not to tear down.

7. I have two really cool kids who are engaged to two very special people who will become, in 2013, my son-in-law and daughter-in-law. I also have two very special grands that I love more than I ever thought I could. Their hugs make the darkest clouds dissipate and disappear.

8. Life is hard, is rarely fair and is filled with pitfalls. I can choose to sit back in my comfort zone and avoid most of the above problems and never reach my potential or I can choose to get out there in the middle of life, fight hard and overcome the unfairness and pitfalls and be more than I am now. What I won’t do is sit back and whine to all that will listen how miserable I am as the world caves in around me in my comfort zone.

9. A 50 year old man can FINALLY earn his bachelor’s degree while operating his own computer repair shop – and do so Magna Cum Laude. I don’t care if you have been out of school for 3 months or 30 years – if you want more get off your butt and go get it.

10. You don’t invite Christ “into your heart” to bind Him securely and force Him to be a spectator to your drama of a life. “Indwelling” should be synonymous with “in control” and if I am getting MY way in everything then that means He is not getting HIS way in anything.

I hope some of these things might help someone else have a revelation in 2013. I have found them all to be true and have changed my perspective on life accordingly.

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